Skull Series

If I had a gaz-illion dollars I would buy these:


left_eye_skull_lg_gr_pdp_cr_3 left_eye_skull_sm_pdp_cr_1

These hand carved stone skulls from Kelly Wearstler are luxurious (and also comes with a luxurious price tag of $895.00 each).

If you have just won the lottery you can purchase this skull here.

Image via Kelly Wearstler

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Skull Series

Why hello cutie!


These cute little hanging skull tea-lights would be cute bunched in groups over the dinner table.

They can be purchased from Raw Space in store or online here.

Image via Raw Space

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Skull Series

Its a fly [skull]BALL!

This baseball has been upcycled to look like a skull.. cool hey?


Image Credit – Carey Dougan

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Skull Series

Skull + Wall Shelves = James Hopkins

James Hopkins Vanitas collection is a little bit of awesome. This genius has crafted these skull wall art pieces out of mixed media. I have included some of the images from his collection below, but do check out his website for some of his other works.hopkins_blackstilllife

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Skull Series

Take a look at these mini skull candle sets from Design Studio Home. These sets can be purchased in all black or in an assortment of bright colours (my preference) .You can purchase these mini candle sets in an assortment of colours here.

dl-co-mini-skull-candle-set-5-assorted-colours 1

dl-co-mini-skull-candle-set-5-assorted-coloursAnd instead of blowing out your candles, why not put that flame out in style with one of these bone and skull snuffers.

dl-co-skull-snuffer-gold 1 dl-co-skull-snuffer-gold snuffer


All images from Design Home Studio

Skull Series

Chill your drink to the bone with one of these skull ice cube moulds.





You can purchase this multi faceted skull ice cube mould from Gamago here.

All images from Gamago.

Skull Series

This Etsy seller has given a new meaning to ‘Sugar Skull’. Dembones sells moulded sugar cubes in the shape of skulls. Instead of serving tea and coffee to your guests with regular sugar, with these moulded cubes you are sure to have your guests talking. Now all you need are some tasty sugar skull cookies to go with your coffee!






Images via dembones

Skull Series

Ok so it’s not quiet interiors related, but its somewhat styling related… So I guess it’s O.K for me to blog about. Below are some images of a recent purchase – this shirt was purchased from Zara during my holiday break (I did kinda go a bit crazy with all the sales, but we’ll keep that between you and me).

Anyway I thought it was blog worthy as it does have sugar skulls all over it. Hope you think so!






Skull Series

I wouldn’t mind getting out the purse for this cushion cover:


or this one:


oh, and maybe this one too:


hey… why not all of them???



These cushion covers are made from 100% premium burlap and printed using environmentally friendly inks. You can get more information and buy these all from TheWatsonShop (Etsy seller) here

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