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Long time, no…. blog post?!?!

My friends and regular blog followers may have noticed that my last blog post was many moons ago – so I would like to apologise.

The reality is that I have been overwhelmingly busy over the past few months and my dear blog was the first to notice the changes. As some of you might know I am planning my wedding (which is now less than 3 months away.. ahhhhhhh exciting, I know), working hard designing interiors at my day job and my business Penny Street Interiors. I have also been working with my mum who has a catering business here in Adelaide South, South Australia – Carla’s Kitchen Catering (we have a Facebook page that you can view here).

So for my first blog post back I wanted to show you a few cool posters that my wonderful fiance had pointed out to me. Actually it was more like “you haven’t posted in AGES – you should blog on this…”

Jesús Prudencio from Seville, Spain sells these awesome posters from his Etsy store Cars And Films. He creates and sells a series of movie posters that include iconic cars. Have a look below at some of my fav’s below:

car1 car2 car3 car4

Super cool hey?

Images via Cars And Films


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