Sunshine Yellow

Here is a little bit of Yellow to brighten your day:

Sunshine Yellow

  1. Watch
  2. Cushion
  3. Napkins
  4. Bed Linen
  5. Peacock Chair
  6. Heels

Skull Series

Why hello cutie!


These cute little hanging skull tea-lights would be cute bunched in groups over the dinner table.

They can be purchased from Raw Space in store or online here.

Image via Raw Space

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Remember I did a post on the RAST Hack?

Well here is another DIY “Ikea Hack” project on the MELLTORP table.

All images via Weekend Carnival

Blogger Riikka Kantinkoski from Weekday Carnival has created a concrete top for the very basic table, transforming it into something wonderful. You can find out more by viewing the blog post here.

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Celebrity Home – Lisa Perry

I am loving the interior styling of Lisa Perry’s Beach House in North Haven, New York.

Here are some images below:


Love the use of bold orange with dramatic chandeliers.


The children’s room uses wonderful emerald-green.


The bold red chair, chrome pendant lights and large format print looks stunning in this white room.


Love the collection of pendant lights used in this pool room.

What are your thoughts on this the interior styling?

Images from Veranda

Etsy Shop Love – Studio Snowpuppe

My current Etsy Shop crush is Studio Snowpuppe!


The creative duo behind Studio Snowpuppe (comprising of architect Nellianna and industrial designer Kenneth) create origami styled lamp shades in wonderful pastel colours. Below are some of the shades that have caught my twinkling eye:







Please visit Studio Snowpuppe for more information or to purchase their products here.

Images via Studio Snowpuppe

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Lovin’ – Vasare Nar


How wonderful are these throw pillows?

No need to answer. I know you are thinking AM-AZ-ING!







I came across these aztec/eclectic inspired gems through wordpress. Vasare was lovely enough to follow my blog so I got to know a little bit more about Vasare through her own wordpress blog (gotta love networking, right?)

Anyway please follow her wonderful blog here and stop by her Society6 shop to purchase these beautiful throw pillows and other goodies she has on her online store.

Update Your Office

New season, new month, new… Home Office!

Here are some little lovelies you can incorporate into your home office fit-out.

Home Office

  1. Box
  2. Stapler
  3. Desk Lamp
  4. Pencil
  5. Knot
  6. Chair
  7. Mug
  8. Print

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Shop to Watch – Freedom

So most people would know about Freedom, but I just had to bring your attention to some of the amazing furniture and accessories they have available in Australian stores at the moment. I spent so long clicking away on their website and browsing their online catalogue – here are some wonderful images from their website showcasing some their current ranges. Brooklyn-6








I’m so in love with the bold colours, patterns and textures they are using in their products that I think I might have to make a trip down to my local store to make some purchases (shhhh… just keep that between you and me).

All images via Freedom

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Adore Home Magazine – Apr/May 13

The Adore Home Magazine has just published the April/May 2013 edition online. Head over to Adore Home Magazine today to get your interior fix.Adore Mag

Here are my picks from this months issue.

    1. Adore Picks
    1. Skull
    2. Vase
    3. Sofa
    4. Boots
    5. Umbrella
    6. Bag
    7. Print
    8. Chair
    9. Cushion