Love Freedom

I hope you love Freedom as much as I do, because I think this is my 2nd Freedom post.

But they do have some wonderful pieces and accessories a.t.m. here are a few of my snaps from my recent visit.













You can view all these items at the Glynde Freedom Store:

60 Glynburn Rd


South Australia 5073

Ph: 08 8365 2088

Fax: 08 8165 1085


Etsy Shop Love – DesignK

Hello, DesignK!

There is nothing more comforting than my morning tea so there is no surprise I am also loving these ‘Tea for One’ tables.

I’ll have one in every colour please.







“Inspired by the colors and shapes in a bouquet of flowers, DesignK’s Tea for One Table is a cheery design choice for a range of interiors. Use its crayon-bright colours to play up a modern white room, or update a traditional home by scattering a few amongst those leather club chairs.”

Please visit DesignK for more information or to purchase the tables here.

Images via DesignK

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Etsy Shop Love – Studio Snowpuppe

My current Etsy Shop crush is Studio Snowpuppe!


The creative duo behind Studio Snowpuppe (comprising of architect Nellianna and industrial designer Kenneth) create origami styled lamp shades in wonderful pastel colours. Below are some of the shades that have caught my twinkling eye:







Please visit Studio Snowpuppe for more information or to purchase their products here.

Images via Studio Snowpuppe

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Lovin’ – Vasare Nar


How wonderful are these throw pillows?

No need to answer. I know you are thinking AM-AZ-ING!







I came across these aztec/eclectic inspired gems through wordpress. Vasare was lovely enough to follow my blog so I got to know a little bit more about Vasare through her own wordpress blog (gotta love networking, right?)

Anyway please follow her wonderful blog here and stop by her Society6 shop to purchase these beautiful throw pillows and other goodies she has on her online store.

Update Your Office

New season, new month, new… Home Office!

Here are some little lovelies you can incorporate into your home office fit-out.

Home Office

  1. Box
  2. Stapler
  3. Desk Lamp
  4. Pencil
  5. Knot
  6. Chair
  7. Mug
  8. Print

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Shop to Watch – Freedom

So most people would know about Freedom, but I just had to bring your attention to some of the amazing furniture and accessories they have available in Australian stores at the moment. I spent so long clicking away on their website and browsing their online catalogue – here are some wonderful images from their website showcasing some their current ranges. Brooklyn-6








I’m so in love with the bold colours, patterns and textures they are using in their products that I think I might have to make a trip down to my local store to make some purchases (shhhh… just keep that between you and me).

All images via Freedom

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Shop to Watch – Raw Space

L-O-V-E Raw Space

Every time I leave the Raw Space store in Adelaide CBD I’m always wondering where the time has gone. So there is no wonder when I found out they had an online store, I spent even more time browsing their website too. Here are some of my fav’s:

chrome table lamp 500-01

horgans chair charc 500-01 reddeer500

silver-tangle-500 tray bien

unicorn-dome-500 woody-coffe-table-500-01

All images via Raw Space

[Oh… and click here to see some pic’s of their funky store in Adelaide]

Rawspace Pty Ltd.
7 – 17 Gawler Place
South Australia 5000

On Target

While out on my saturday afternoon shop I couldn’t help but stroll into my local Target store to see what homewares they had on display. Target have some great homewares for the budget conscious, but unless you have an eye for design and interior styling, its hard to know what might work well in your home.

For example, the cushions they sell are displayed in your standard store shelving, stacked up together and the accessories are just piled on top of one another without any thought to how the items will look to the customer.

So… with my phone in hand and my creative cap on I started to rearrange some of the homewares and accessories to make them look a bit more enticing. Here are a few of the pictures I took.


These cushions together make a great combination. Chevron print with bold colours.


Team these with a rich red throw and voila, a great combination for either the living room sofa or on top of your bed.


I loved some of the prints they had available. This typo print works well for most interior styled homes.


This print had such amazing pops of colour. I just had to take a pic (Oh, and it was 20% too!)20130318-145328.jpg


These display domes were displayed empty, so I took one of the planters and popped it in. Looks much nicer.

And you wouldn’t believe, but while I was rearranging, styling and taking these pictures other shoppers were following me and looking at my displays. See, all Target needed was a bit of styling love!


Gorge Road,

Newton SA 5074

(08) 8168 7500

Etsy Shop Love – HRUSKAA

Ok, I’m no good at maths but this is one equation that I understand:

BLACK + GOLD + HIMMELI = HRUSKAA  [ Her-oo-shh-ka ]

Take a look at these beauties below.








These Finish style hanging mobiles (traditionally made of rye straw and used as a ‘good luck charm’ to ensure a good rye harvest) are handcrafted and have a modern twist on a traditional design.

Please visit HRUSKAA for more information about these products and a story on the history of the himmeli.

Images via HRUSKAA

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Shop to Watch – The Print Society

If there is one thing I love more than skulls (view previous posts here, here and here) it would have to be neon printed cushions and The Print Society just happen to hit the nail on the head.

Their cushions, purses and bags are made from natural fabrics such as hemp/linen and are hand printed in Sydney Australia. They also use non-toxic water based inks and dyes, and are produced using sustainable practices.

You will find below some of my picks from their online store:


Pom_Pom_Cushion_3 CC_Red_Confetti

Check out their online shop here to view (and perhaps purchase) some of these delights.

All images via The Print Society