Have you heard of the “Ikea Hack”?
It’s ok if you haven’t… I wont judge. Promise.
So if you are unsure, an Ikea Hack is taking your standard Ikea product and “hacking” it up to create something new and unique. It’s a great concept.
The Ikea RAST (chest of drawers made from untreated pine) is one of the most popular items from the Ikea store that gets the ‘hack’ treatment.
Here is what the original looks like:
And here are some amazing RAST hacks DIY style:
What RAST hack do you prefer?
All images via Pinterest
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6 thoughts on “RAST Hack

  1. Reblogged this on The Jersey Experiment and commented:
    I have recently developed an interest in Interior Design. I have come across some great furniture designs using Ikea Furniture. What do you know about Ikea Hacks? Check some out below courtesy of Penny Street Interiors.

    D Rad

  2. lovely post, stirs up my imagination! good thing IKEA is rampant here in Sweden LOL. I have bought a few pieces and painted them for my home. Changing them up a bit definitly adds a bit of style to any room decor…..

    • I can imagine you would have plenty of Ikea stores (there is probably one on every corner… hehe). It’s a pity you can’t say the same for Target.

      I would love to see images of the ‘Ikea Hacks’ you’ve created for your home… I love a good DIY!


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