On Target

While out on my saturday afternoon shop I couldn’t help but stroll into my local Target store to see what homewares they had on display. Target have some great homewares for the budget conscious, but unless you have an eye for design and interior styling, its hard to know what might work well in your home.

For example, the cushions they sell are displayed in your standard store shelving, stacked up together and the accessories are just piled on top of one another without any thought to how the items will look to the customer.

So… with my phone in hand and my creative cap on I started to rearrange some of the homewares and accessories to make them look a bit more enticing. Here are a few of the pictures I took.


These cushions together make a great combination. Chevron print with bold colours.


Team these with a rich red throw and voila, a great combination for either the living room sofa or on top of your bed.


I loved some of the prints they had available. This typo print works well for most interior styled homes.


This print had such amazing pops of colour. I just had to take a pic (Oh, and it was 20% too!)20130318-145328.jpg


These display domes were displayed empty, so I took one of the planters and popped it in. Looks much nicer.

And you wouldn’t believe, but while I was rearranging, styling and taking these pictures other shoppers were following me and looking at my displays. See, all Target needed was a bit of styling love!


Gorge Road,

Newton SA 5074

(08) 8168 7500


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