Masculine vs Feminine – Bedrooms

Here are some different bedroom images of both masculine and feminine styled bedrooms. I have put them side by side so you can compare different styles.







What style do you prefer in your bedrooms?

Images via House to Home


3 thoughts on “Masculine vs Feminine – Bedrooms

  1. I like masculine bedrooms more. It is connected to the choice of colour first of all – in masculine bedrooms it is more tranquil and serene while in feminine this bright pink and yellow are too vibrant for me ( I wouldn’t relax in a bedroom like this). Also I like the minimalistic look of masculine bedroom (pic 1 & 3). I think for better relaxation bedroom shouldn’t be cluttered with a lot of furniture, accessories, etc.

    • I would have to agree with you! I like the dominance that comes with a masculine bedroom. Perhaps a mix of both would be the perfect scenario. Maybe start with a neutral room and add splashes of colour with cushions and throws.

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