Shop to Watch – Anthropologie

I have a shop to share that I’ve recently come across. It’s called Anthropologie.

Anthropologie have 175 stores in the U.S, Canada and the U.K that also sells internationally through their online store. Anthropologie began in Wayne, Pennsylvania and was created for women wanting a curated mix of clothing, accessories, gifts and home décor that reflects their personal style and fuels their lives’ passions, from fashion to art to entertaining.

At Anthropologie you can find an assortment of whimsical and eclectic peices for your home. I have picked out a few of my favourite items below, but make sure you take a trip over to their website to see some of the other amazing products they have in store and online.


bathroom trinkets

side table


quilt cover





All images via Anthrolopologie


2 thoughts on “Shop to Watch – Anthropologie

  1. A great store indeed so many unique finds – but some of the costs are just outrageous, I think last time I went into the San Francisco store I fell in love with a $7,000 sofa and it was only a two-seater. Sometimes they have sales which can be up to 50% and that is the time to grab the stuff! Anthropologie is fabulous!

    • They do have some amazing pieces! And I do agree, quiet pricey. I think if the budget allows, a sofa or occasional chair would be great (and then pair with some lower budget accessories perhaps from Ikea). Unfortunately we don’t have an Anthropologie store in South Australia so I’ll have to keep my eye out for the sale items online 🙂

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